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2021 Marks 50 Remarkable Years for NEW COLLEGE

Join us in the celebration through our 50th Anniversary website where we will be exhibiting commemorative contributions of historic, artistic, and collaborative content all year long. All submissions will be from New College alumni, faculty, and students like you! Let us know how you’d like to contribute via email.

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Is New College Right For You?

– Are you interested in pursuing a major that is not offered at The University of Alabama?
– Are you interested in combining academic subjects to meet your diverse academic and professional goals?
– Are you someone who thinks outside the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines?
– Are you interested in such topics as the commercial music industry, sports management, studies of language or culture, or environmental and sustainability issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above,
Explore how New College works, and how it can work for you!

Dare to be different. Design your own degree.

"I’m thankful for New College because it has made me who I am. ...I am now setup for success in a completely different way."

Jim Trotter, New College Alumnus
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