New College Scholarships

New College offers several scholarships every year. Typically, we accept applications and faculty nominations in December and January. Recipients are selected in the spring semester and recognized at the annual Honors Day program in April.

  • Anne and Neal Berte Endowed Scholarship
  • Bernard C. and Alma B. Weber Scholarship
  • Hugh Holloway Endowed Scholarship
  • Byron Franklin and Ophelia Burks Watson Scholarship
  • Samuel Thomas Barnes IV Memorial Scholarship
  • Samuel J. Senter Memorial Scholarship
  • Fran Geddes Outstanding Service to New College
  • Jerome Rosenberg Endowed Scholarship
  • Dean Bernie Sloan Spirit of New College Award
  • Jeff Levitetz Scholarship
  • Suzanne Younger Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Harry Lyon Blewitt Scholarship

Apply: New College Scholarship Application (PDF)   Deadline:  December 3rd @ 11:59 pm     

College and University Scholarships

Explore the scholarships available to current and future UA undergraduates, or view a list of funds offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.