Degree Program

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Students complete either a bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) in interdisciplinary studies, depending on the area of the depth study.

Degree Requirements

New College students must complete University Core Requirements, fulfill College of Arts & Sciences requirements, and complete the following New College requirements:

  • a depth study (33-39 hours) with at least 15 hours at the 300 or 400-level. No more than 30 hours can come from one department.
  • at least five New College seminars
  • 101 and 102 (or a 103) in a qualifying foreign language (including American Sign Language)
  • a minimum of 42 semester hours after enrolling in New College
  • at least 36 credit hours at or above the 300-level (College policy)
  • NEW 100 (Introduction to Interdisciplinary and Integrative Studies) and NEW 495 (Capstone Seminar & Senior Project)

Students pursuing a BS must successfully complete MATH 125: Calculus I.

Learn more about required courses and UA general education requirements in the UA Undergraduate Catalog.

Depth Study

In cooperation with an advisor, every New College student maps out his or her own course of study through a highly individualized, self-designed major. This course of study is your “depth study.”

The depth study empowers students to create customized degrees based on their unique goals and aspirations. Students take courses from across the University to craft an interdisciplinary depth study.

We also encourage students to take independent studies, participate in internships, and to study abroad as part of their depth study.

New College Seminars

Students are required to complete at least two lower-division seminars (200-level), two upper-division seminars (300-400 level), and one more from either level. Transfer credit cannot be applied to seminar requirements. All five required seminars must be taken through New College.

By graduation, every New College student should have taken at least one seminar in each of the following areas:

  • creativity and culture
  • environment, sustainability, and conservation
  • social problems and social change

Learn more about the New College seminar themes.

View a list of upcoming and recent seminars, including descriptions.

Foreign-Language Proficiency

Students must also achieve proficiency in a foreign language to graduate from New College. This means one of the following:

  • take to earn credit for a 101–102 sequence in a qualifying language or a 103 course in a qualifying language
  • demonstrated proficiency acquired from an immersion or similar experience with a foreign-language speaking culture during college

Third Year Review

Every New College student participates in a third-year review with his or her third-year review committee the year before they graduate. This review is a conversation about the student’s academic progress, opportunities to deepen and enrich the depth study, and plans for the senior project and post-graduation.

The committee consists of the student’s New College advisor and a student-selected expert from the depth study.

For more information about the third-year review, visit the Third Year Review page, or download the Third Year Review form (doc).

Senior Project

The senior project allows students to integrate their educational experience into a culminating project that is presented at the New College Senior Research Symposium. All projects include scholarly writing and may also include community engagement or creative arts.

Info Sessions

For more information, you can attend one of the weekly walk-in info sessions with Prof. John Miller:

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