Why New College?

New College students are diverse, passionate, and independent.

With depth studies ranging from ethnomusicology to art administration to careers in sports to organic farming, New College students embrace opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. Learning opportunities come from classroom experiences in which student-led discussion is paramount, as well as the many opportunities for real-world, hands-on learning that New College offers.

We approach learning differently, which allows us to see the world differently. In these ways, New College students become creative, community-minded citizens. Since designing a depth study is the core philosophy of New College, our students pride themselves in making unique majors that turn their passions into career paths.

New College students go on to limitless opportunities and success.

Here’s what some of our alums have to say about their New College experience and how it’s impacting them now.


Is New College right for you?

  • Are you interested in pursuing a major that is not offered at The University of Alabama?
  • Are you interested in combining academic subjects to meet your diverse academic and professional goals?
  • Are you someone who thinks outside the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines?
  • Are you interested in such topics as the commercial music industry, sports management, studies of language or culture, or environmental and sustainability issues?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then New College may be the right place for you!

New College is for students who are committed to

  •   pursuing a self-designed major
  •   thinking across disciplinary boundaries
  •   contributing to the intellectual life of the community, and
  •   taking responsibility for their own learning


Explore our unique minors — or design your own. 

How to Apply

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