New College Council

Dr. Spears and students sitting on a bridge

The New College Department at The University of Alabama (UA) is renowned for producing students who positively impact both on campus and in the surrounding community. To achieve this, it’s essential to have a group of dedicated leaders who can bring together New College students and foster a sense of community.

Faculty members select students to serve on the New College Council for the upcoming academic year every spring. As council members, they meet regularly to identify opportunities for New College students at UA and in the local community.

Beyond their meetings, the council organizes various events, including social gatherings, informational sessions, recruitment efforts, and an annual retreat. These activities are designed to create a collaborative environment that encourages students to work together and develop meaningful relationships.

If you’re interested in being part of this leadership group and making a difference at UA, schedule a meeting with your advisor to express your interest in joining the New College Council or stop by the office. This is an excellent opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills, build connections with your peers, and leave a lasting legacy during your time at The University of Alabama’s New College.

Apply to become a New College Ambassador!  New College Ambassador Application


Tanner Jones, Council President

Raegan Harris, Council Vice President

Marlie Thompson, Council Treasurer