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Student-Run. Student-Written. Student-Published.

The New College Review, an annual magazine, is an initiative of the students of New College who are solely responsible for its timely production, publication, and distribution.
Any University of Alabama student may enroll in NEW 338/339, a workshop class designed to provide guidance and assistance to the New College Review staff as they write, edit, and produce the Review. This class is designed to show students how to produce a publication from planning to printing to distribution.
Students on the New College Review staff will gain experience in several areas of their choosing: writing, editing, photography, graphic design, and public relations.


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SURREALITY (2024 issue)

One of the NCR course objectives is the printing and distribution of the New College Review magazine in the spring; holding a physical copy of this collaborative work is something we dote on. Copies of the 2024 issue of the New College Review, Surreality, is now available in PDF form and you can pick up physical copies of the magazine in Lloyd Hall 216.

For more information, visit the New College Review website,
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