Meet John Miller, Assistant Director of New College

A native of Mobile, John Miller earned an undergraduate degree from Duke University. He received an MA in English at The University of Alabama and a JD from UA Law School. Before being appointed as the Assistant Director of New College, John was an instructor for New College. As a New College instructor, he has taught Creativity (NEW 212) and Cooperation and Conflict (NEW 237). He is currently working on a new class on law and society.

Recently he published two poems: “Jesus and the Twelve Apostles in Baldwin County, Alabama” and “Phronemophobia.” Professor Miller likes to use words nobody else knows—like phronemophobia.

John Miller Trivia:

  • Plays the drums
  • Ran an open-mic night for three years at Duke
  • Usually rides his bike to school
  • Practiced law for 5 years
  • Taught a course on Monsters in Popular Culture