Ryan “KadeshFlow” Davis Delivers Honors Address

In the daytime, Ryan Davis is a business analyst at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri. At night, Davis moonlights as a rapper, producer, and trombonist. He has collaborated with underground hip-hop artists Richie Branson and Mega Ran and with renowned voice actor Steve Blum. He has produced music for Toonami Asia, opened for hip-hop

New College Now Houses the Natural Resource Management Minor

New College is the new home of the Natural Resource Management Minor. Dr. Carl Williams coordinates the program. The minor has an interdisciplinary, practice-driven focus that prepares students for professional opportunities in environmental monitoring, such as endangered species and wetland delineation, restoration of disturbed land, and management of forested lands and wildlife areas. Dr. Williams

New College Senior Projects

Do you remember your New College senior project? Here are just a few of the titles of this semester’s projects: Hannah Hatter, “Gaijin’s Guide to Japanese Cooking.” William Reynolds, “Bent Grass v. Bermuda: A Cost and Performance Analysis for Golf Courses.” Wright Gatewood, “GOLIGHTLY EP Release Show: A Study in Music and Management.” Anna Turkett,

New College Council – Carrying on a Tradition

This year’s New College Council continues a long tradition in New College of students creating a community that extends beyond academics. Members of the Executive Council represent the diversity embodied in New College. President Amy Ackerman is a junior from Jacksonville, FL, whose depth study incorporates management, sociology, and nonprofit management. Vice President Summer Upchurch

“Scottsboro Boys” Pardoned After 80 Years

New College faculty John Miller and Ellen Spears were instrumental in the “behind the scenes” work that finally led to the posthumous pardons of three of the African American young men wrongfully accused of rape in the 1930s. In November the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously to issue the pardons to Haywood

Jackson Harris Elected Southern Region Vice President for FFA

As a freshman at UA, Jackson Harris sought one of 30 spots in the University Fellows Experience, a program that fuses high academic standards with a passion for community service. In the interview, he was asked to identify his strengths. His answer? “Well, I restore antique tractors.” After a few polite chuckles, Jackson explained what

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Warts, Indigestion, and Tremors

For her New College Senior Project, Sarah DeMeo researched the medicinal uses of apple cider vinegar and blogged about her findings. Sarah, a member of UA’s Gymnastics Team, first learned about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar from her former strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Travis Illian. She is now as passionate as he

What I’d Say to Steve Spurrier (by Natalie Adams)

Few academics ever get a chance to appear on shows that people actually watch. So, when ESPN called me early December 2003, I was ecstatic. They flew me to New York to appear on their morning show, “Cold Pizza,” to talk about my new book, Cheerleader! An American Icon. I arrived at the ESPN studio

New College Leads Sustainability Efforts on Campus

UA’s Environmental Council (ECo) has been effectively engaging the student body in environmental issues for years. Reflecting their commitment to non-hierarchical ways of affecting change, this year’s ECo adopted a “snowflake” organizational model of leadership. They have also been involved in numerous sustainability efforts, including working with Bama Dining to incorporate more sustainable food choices

New College Retreat at Camp McDowell

Every year New College takes its students and faculty on a retreat to Camp McDowell in Jasper, Alabama. Organized, planned, and carried out by the New College Council, the weekend getaway provides an opportunity for the New College community to bond with group activities like hiking, canoeing, and cooking. This year 40 students, faculty, and