Alumni News

Ryan “KadeshFlow” Davis Delivers Honors Address

In the daytime, Ryan Davis is a business analyst at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri. At night, Davis moonlights as a rapper, producer, and trombonist. He has collaborated with underground hip-hop artists Richie Branson and Mega Ran and with renowned voice actor Steve Blum. He has produced music for Toonami Asia, opened for hip-hop

Kent Gidley, ’90

A 1990 graduate of New College, Kent Gidley has been taking the official photographs of UA’s athletic teams for over 25 years. Read more about Kent.

Jeff Levitetz, ’80

Jeff Levitetz has provided generously for several New College scholarships, including one that recognizes budding entrepreneurs. The Levitetz Family Foundation has also been instrumental in promoting wrestling among today’s youth.

David Ward, ’91

U.S. Lieutenant Colonel David Ward (NC ’91) is a Civil Military Officer with a US Army task force charged with running five bases inside Kabul province, Afghanistan. He deals daily with US multi-national partners (Canadians, Georgians, Bulgarians, Albanians, Romanians, Brits, French, Turks, Mongolians), US Afghan security partners and civilian leaders. His days are filled with

Emmanuel Amido, ’10

“Since founding AmidoProductions, I am now in the late production phase of my first feature, ‘Orange Mound.’ The documentary film is about the historical community by the same name here in Memphis.” —Emmanuel Amido

Joel Vanderford, ’98

“We are now in Kampala, Uganda, I am working for Samaritan’s Purse and their Children’s Heart Project which brings kids with heart defects, that we cannot do here, to the States to be fixed, as well as, working in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU here taking care of kids post-op that have their hearts fixed here.

Lindsey Weiner, ’12

From February 11 to July 11, recent New College graduate Lindsey Weiner will be living, working, and learning on an educational farm in Israel. The farm operates with a zero-waste policy and even uses collected rainwater, compost toilets, and solar panels for energy. This is especially important in a region with immense conflict, some of

Ryan Davis, ’11

New College graduate Ryan “KadeshFlow” Davis recently performed a piece from his Nerdcore collection at the Crimson Culture Festival of the Arts. A business analyst at Cerner Corporation by day, Ryan moonlights as a rapper, trombonist, and producer.