NC Senior Claire Cochran’s Passion for Auto Racing

Want to know about auto racing from a woman’s perspective? Check out New College graduating senior Claire Cochran’s blog, DoubleXSpeed. For the month of April leading up to Talladega, Claire was a blog contributor on Talladega’s homepage.

Claire is not the stereotypical NASCAR enthusiast. She and her father began watching auto racing when she was in 7th grade simply as a way for father and daughter to bond. As her love for the sport grew, she and her father attended at least one race a year.

Claire has grown accustomed to surprised looks when she tells people she plans to work for an Indy Car team someday. Her usual retort is “Yes, I love cars. I’ve had a passion for cars ever since I was born.”

As part of her depth study, Claire completed a three-semester co-op with BMW. This summer she is studying abroad and plans to attend the Formula One race in Austria. When she returns from Europe, she hopes to secure a job at the Circuit of Americas in Austin, hopefully moving up to be head of event operations at the racetrack.