Meet the 2017-2018 New College Council

My name is Kaylin Wallen, and I will be serving the council as President this year. My goal is to help foster new ideas and bring the council together so we can better serve you and the New College student body. I have been in New College since my very first semester here at UA. I am a Junior and have already been greeted with the many opportunities New College has to offer. The following students are the ones who truly bring in the ideas and effort to the table:

Juliette Spurling – Vice President

Juliette is a sophomore with a depth study in City Planning and Policy. Juliette joined New College in the fall of her freshman year.

Jenna Minser – Treasurer

Jenna is studying Environmental Justice here at New College. She is a Sophomore and she came to New College the first semester of her freshman year.

Kassia Mayo – Secretary

Kassia is a Senior in New College, with a depth study in Non-Profits With Arts and Youth. Kassia joined New College in the Fall of 2016.

Gabe Rosser – Creative Marketing and Digital

Gabe came to New College last year, and is beginning his Senior year with a depth study in Electronic Music as a Folk Art.

Emily Owen Mendohlson – Event Coordinator

Emily Owen joined New College in the Spring of her Freshman year, and is now a Junior. Her depth study is in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Allison Beaty – Communications Director

Allison is a sophomore with a depth study in Environmental Administration. She jumped right into New College her first year at UA, as a freshman.

Brenna HessionLiason Team

Brenna came to New College as a Junior with a depth study in Music Business. She is a Senior this year.

Kayla Meeks Liason Team

Kayla is a Sophomore who came to New College the beginning of her Freshman year. She is working on a depth study in Nonprofit Management and Emergency Planning.